Auto Alarms

At Dan's Lock and Key we have a wide range of options to make your vehicle secure. We also know that nobody likes getting into a freezing cold car in the winter, and that is why we now offer aftermarket remote start and keyless entry systems as well!

There are a number of reasons why you should have a remote start system.  Most of them are actually beneficial to your vehicle.  Here is why you should get a remote start system installed today:

  • Remote start systems increase the resale value of your car
  • Your engine will be warmed up before you drive away, decreasing wear and tear on internal parts
  • It is easier to scrape the ice off the windshield once your vehicle is warm
  • You don't have to get into a freezing cold or baking hot car anymore
  • Many units we install are able to utilize your factory remote!

With advances in technology we can add a remote start system to your vehicle that uses your factory remote, factory button head key, or smart phone.  If your factory remote doesn't have a long enough range for you, we can install a remote system that works from 1,500 feet away.  That's over four football fields!